Entry #2 for today

For the most part, I’ve gotten the layout of the blog looking the way I want it so here I am with my second blog entry of the day.

For me, Christmas was spent at my mum’s house. As she doesn’t live where I do, I caught an InterCity bus down to Palmerston on the 23rd and she picked me up from there. On Christmas Eve, we ventured to Alexandra for a few hours to do some shopping and to visit some family who also live there. We called into The Warehouse – I needed to get a cable for my iPad because, in my haste to pack, I forgot to pack the cable I have for it as well as the adaptor which allows me to charge my iPad via the 30-pin cable for my iPhone (my iPad has the Lightning connector). I got one, which was all well and good and when we got back to Mum’s, I went to charge my iPad and found out I’d gotten the wrong one. However, it fit Mum’s cellphone so I let her have it as a back-up. I also got her Christmas present at The Warehouse (Meat Loaf’s new album) because I had told her that I hadn’t gotten her anything as yet but if she saw something at The Warehouse that she wanted, I’d get it for her.

We visited my grandmother and spent about an hour or so with her. I hadn’t seen my grandmother since Christmas 2014 so it was nice to see her. As per usual, we left her place with more than what we’d arrived with – Nana had given us both presents and I walked away with a dress that is technically two sizes too big for me (I’m a NZ size 8/US size 4) but all it would need would be for the right side from my hip up to be taken in slightly for it to be a perfect fit for me. Apart from that, it’s a perfect dress for me – purple and black, which are two of my favourite colours! She didn’t have any cold drinks (as in Coke) for me but told me whereabouts in the fridge her beer was so I had a couple of those. She also gave us a lot of frozen food to take back with us and after we left her place, we went to the supermarket to buy what we wanted for Christmas breakfast and dinner.

Christmas Day was spent at Mum’s place with the two of us and her kitten Molly. I slept on the couch every night I was at Mum’s and apart from the first night, Molly slept on the couch with me. She reminded me a lot about my late cat Billie, who was put down on 7 December 2015 – although Molly is 95% tabby, she has the same colouring as Billie.

Because I had to work on New Years Eve (it was a compromise for not working Christmas Eve), I elected to go home on the 29th, so I had the following day to recover before heading to work for my last shift of the year. Mum and I had visited the cemetery in Timaru so I could pay my respects to my great-grandparents as well as my aunt before we attempted to find somewhere to sit down and eat. I enjoyed my Create Your Taste burger once we finally managed to park up at McDonalds and find somewhere to sit to eat. I tried to replicate the CYT burger I’d made in Auckland in August but it was missing a few things – it wasn’t on a Ciabatta bun, there were no jalapenos and a couple of other things (which I can’t remember!) Oh well, at least I had people looking at me because the CYT burgers are brought to you. Anyway, I managed to eat it all in one go and once I’d finished, Mum and I were on our merry way again.

My cat Freddie got on my bed to sleep when I got home but because the suitcase I’d taken to Mum’s was there, she decided to sleep on that. She did that when I got back from Auckland in August also, although she tends to sleep on the smaller of my two suitcases.

And so here we are, on 8 January 2017. My birthday is at the end of the month. In March, my nephew Carlin is due but there is a possibility that he will be early. So far, 2017 has been okay for me.