World of Warcraft time!

As I currently type this, I have World of Warcraft open and I’m also watching the WWE Royal Rumble. I’m a little biased towards the Rumble because every six or so years (if you take into account leap years) the Rumble is actually on my birthday! I won’t be posting any results here in case anyone who visits can’t watch the PPV live.

Anyway, I’m currently working towards the achievement in WoW where you have three characters of different classes all at level 110. My main character Wrestlore (a Tauren Druid) is partway through level 100 so I’m currently working on her. My main alt Tatyana (a Human Mage) is already at level 110. Rumbla (a Goblin Warlock) and Zaquia (a Night Elf Demon Hunter) are levels 93 and 99 respectively but I haven’t yet decided which of those two I’ll play to level 110 first. I’ll get there eventually.

If I remember, I’ll eventually post pics of those characters so you can see what they look like.

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