Here I go again…forgetting about the blog

Yeah, so much for updating every week or so. But when you’ve got a lot on your plate as I have (details later), minor things such as updating one’s blog tend to get forgotten about.

So today is Anzac Day in both New Zealand and Australia – where we we remember those who have fought in various wars, and particularly those who didn’t return home. I was awake early enough that I could’ve attended the dawn service where I live but because of the insomnia I’d had the night before, I decided to catch up on my sleep. Trust me, insomnia sucks, even more so when you just manage to finally nod off and your cat decides that’s the time that she wants to go outside. Pretty much everything (apart from dairies, petrol stations and fast food places) are not allowed to open before 1pm and given that I work in a supermarket (not today thankfully!) people will be waiting outside before the doors even open, panicking because the shop has been closed for half a day. Happens every time. A lot of the banks will be closed too.

One of the papers I’m doing at university is really kicking my butt right now – naturally, it’s a compulsory one. A lot of us actually feel the same way in that we are spending so much time on this particular paper that our other ones are suffering. I’m passing my assignments so far for the other papers with a C, C+ and a B- (my highest ever mark for a university essay) and I have two more due this week – an annotated bibliography for the group assignment for the compulsory paper (I’ve never done one of those before so I wouldn’t even know where to start) and a 500 word assignment for a history paper on a movie I haven’t yet watched and which of six filmatic sins it creates. The group assignment is literally doing my head in and if I can be brutally honest, that paper is doing my head in, to the point where I am planning on going to my doctor to go onto something. I shouldn’t be getting upset about assignments but I am. Part of me wants to quit but I know that wouldn’t be fair on my group mates. I literally don’t know what to do. If this paper were voluntary, there is no way I would take it. But that’s another story for another time.