Still forgetting about this

I know I’m a slackarse when it comes to the blog and I could offer a number of excuses as to why but I can’t be arsed at the moment.

The first semester for university has just finished. I had three exams to sit – one of which was on a Saturday afternoon! That exam was for a paper where I’d gotten 71% and 73% on the assignments, which meant I could fail the exam by getting a minimum of 35% in it and still pass the paper overall. If I get a B- for that one, I’ll be happy. C- for the other two overall would make me happy too.

I’m thankful that my last exam was on the 19th because at 1:45am on the 20th, I was woken from a sound sleep – and not because Freddie decided that she wanted out! I’ve been having issues with pelvic pain for a few years now and one possible diagnosis was late onset endometriosis. However, I’m thinking that it’s more to do with my bowel rather than my uterus because this pain, which was on a 8.5/9 on a 1-10 scale, is generally located by my left hip. I’ve had this excrutiating pain before and, in my case, I know what it means: get to the bathroom as soon as possible. I won’t go into graphic detail but I’ve been experiencing a degree of pain there every day since. It’s usually enough to let me know it’s there but there have been times where I’ve gritted my teeth because it’s been bad. Yes, I know I should go to the doctor about it but I somehow have to come up with $45 just to see the doctor and have enough money on my bus card to get there and home again. My hot water bottle has become my best friend and not because it’s winter in New Zealand. Once I was finally able to get back into bed that morning, Freddie waited until I was somewhat comfortable – I was limited to sleeping on my back because it hurt to sleep on my sides – before she moved from her pizza box at the foot of my bed to where my upper body was. When she does that, I know she wants in the bed with me so I lift up all the blankets and wait until she’s comfortable before lowering them again. She slept beside me for the rest of the night.

FYI, Freddie is my cat. Rawr.

I’ve spent a lot of time rewatching old school Batman, ever since I learned of Adam West’s passing. I grew up watching Batman and when I found out on Facebook at 5:25am on the 10th that he had died, I started bawling my eyes out. I’d ordered a Batman top online which had arrived the day before and I’d fallen asleep watching Batman early on the Sunday morning. Freddie curled up in bed with me because she knew I was upset. Cats aren’t stupid.

Semester 2 starts on 17 July but on the 13th, I will be going to the University of Canterbury Open Day because I’m starting to not enjoy my distance studies with Massey and that’s because of one paper in particular – a core paper. That’s another blog entry for another time, however.