My exam marks are back!

So, when I was at work today, I got a notification on my phone about a post someone had made in a Facebook group for a particular paper, saying that the results had been released. Naturally, I wanted to know what I’d gotten as the online gradebook which was available until Monday had said that my grade was a B-.

Turns out I got all four marks for my papers back – I got a C+, C-, B+ and C+. The B+ is easily the best mark I’ve gotten for a university paper and it was for the paper where I’d gotten 2 Bs for the assignments. It turned out that I could’ve actually failed the exam for that paper by getting at least 35% in it and I still would’ve passed with a C-. By my reckoning, I actually scored around 77% in the exam to end up with a B+.

The B- I thought I had for the core paper turned into one of the C+ marks but I don’t care because it means I don’t have to do that paper ever again!!! I could’ve enrolled in the paper immediately following it – 230.310 – but next semester is the first time for it and I don’t want to be a university paper guinea pig ever again. I have three papers next semester which should mean I won’t get as stressed out but hey, you never know, right?