Owning my life, one day at a time

In one month and two days, I will be 39. The idea that in just over 13 months, I’ll be 40 doesn’t actually scare me that much. I used to dread the idea of being 30!

So I’m restarting the blog from scratch – AGAIN! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve stopped and started this but I really need to make an effort to keep it updated. With 2018 only just over two and a half days away for me, it’s a new year which should mean a new start.

Hopefully, 2018 will be the year when I really start looking after myself. I have been doing DDPYoga for the past several weeks and have lost a little weight. When I say a little, I mean 1.3kg or 2.86lb. I have actually lost more than that (nearly 3kg or 6.61lb) but having just had Christmas and partaking in the usual overindulging and alcohol consumption, naturally, I have gained some of that weight back. 1 January is the start of a new year and I found myself joining a 2018 DDPY Challenge group on Facebook the other day so I guess there is no going back for me now!

I have an Instagram account to track my progress with DDPYoga – you can find that here! Feel free to follow and comment if you want to – I won’t be forcing you!