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Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 2017…

Please note that I may not be online right on 12am so hence me posting this now!

Well, maybe not exactly party, unless you call watching the classic Batman TV series on Blu-ray from the comfort of your bed whilst partaking in the consumption of some Corona! I’m not really one for going out and partying, hence my plans of Batman, Corona and my bed. I got the Blu-ray set of the classic Batman TV show on New Year’s Eve last year but had to wait until I’d gotten home from work before I could start watching it – so at about 10:15pm last New Year’s Eve, I was in my pyjamas, in bed, watching Batman and drinking Corona.

Cutting back on my Corona consumption is something I definitely would like to achieve in 2018 – that’s one of my goals for the New Year. Some of my other goals I won’t mention just yet but if I remember during the year, I’ll mention them! Really getting stuck into my DDPYoga is another goal I’d like to achieve too.