DDPYoga, General

The numbers game

So, as at 1 January, I weighed 66kg or 145.5lb. I weighed myself this morning (I tend to do that when I’m the only one at home) and found that my numbers have gone down a little – 64.9kg or 143.07lb. Earlier in the week, they were a little lower still – 64.4kg or 141.97lb. My eating may still be a bit on the crappy side but I have started cutting down on my sugar intake. I used to have two teaspoons of sugar in my tea – now I have none. I used to go through a 2.25L bottle of Coca-Cola in a day or two – now said bottle can last me about a week. I feel that it is better for me to cut back rather than go cold turkey when it comes to my sugar intake.

I have decided that RHC Classic will be my daily DDPYoga workout. It’s relatively quick – around 15 minutes or so – but I do feel it in my core, which is where I feel I need to concentrate my effort at the moment. I’m also planning on doing two workouts a day, including RHC Classic because the program level I’m on at the moment (Intermediate 1.0) will start to increase in intensity the further I get into it. No pain, no gain, right?