Sometimes, I wish…

…I could go back in time.

Tell my 14-year-old self not to slack off in my second year of high school because I won a prize at prize giving the year before and because my stepfather died.

Tell my high school self to have studied more and gotten better marks/grades so I could’ve gone to university straight from high school.

Tell my 18-year-old self not to apply for the dole (unemployment benefit) as soon as you were eligible because you don’t want to get yourself into debt for the sake of studying. And also because you’d be on it for two years before you even got a job.

Tell my 20-year-old self not to apply for credit cards because you’ll eventually get yourself into shit with the damn things.

Tell my 21-year-old self not to apply for an overdraft because in 18 years time, you’ll still be living in it.

I could go on but this will do for now.

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