18 screws are the death of me…

My laptop has a quirk where every so often, the power button board moves so the thing won’t turn on. This initially happened when I was in Australia in late January/early February for the Foo Fighters concert. At the time, I was somewhat annoyed but got a mini screwdriver set to take out the 18 screws holding the keyboard down in order to get to the battery, because maybe removing that then trying to power up the laptop would work.

Did it?


Fast forward to September. I’d gotten myself a refurbished iMac and was about ready to actually get rid of the laptop when I thought I’d try to fix it one last time. Again, I removed all 18 screws, lifted up the keyboard, pushed something to the left, put the keyboard back into place, pressed the power button and hoped for the best.

And the damn laptop started up! Bloody thing, lol!

This happens every so often now – to the point I have a small Phillips screwdriver close to the laptop in case it does happen, which it did about half an hour ago. It’s kind of tedious replacing 18 screws every time but I’ll do it again, once I’ve powered down the laptop.

And then perhaps, I’ll get some sleep as I have an early shift at work tomorrow.

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