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It’s 2019. How long will it take me to stop saying it’s 2018?

I started typing this around 7:30pm on New Year’s Day in New Zealand. I didn’t go out anywhere last night, mainly because I didn’t have any money and partly because TVNZ2 (or whatever they’re called these days) were showing “Dirty Dancing” so I elected to stay home and watch that with one of my flatmates. Last year, Three were showing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” but because of where I was living at the time, I couldn’t watch it when it was showing so I elected to watch it by other means.

I will admit that I was in bed when the New Year came around but I was still awake. People in our neighbourhood were letting off fireworks which were scaring my cat Freddie but I was reassuring her that she’d be fine, as she was curled up on my bed by my pillows. Right now, she is snoozing at the foot of my bed.

My mum came up from Invercargill to spend Christmas with me, which was nice. I couldn’t get an earlier shift at work on the day she drove up but she picked me up from work and we stopped off at Hell Pizza on the way to get tea.

We spent Boxing Day at Hagley Oval for the first day of the Boxing Day cricket test between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. It was somewhat overcast when we got there and it got to the point where Mum decided to get us both a hot drink. That was all good but she was in line for so long that she missed both national anthems and the first over! It did clear up though – I ended up with sunburn on my face, palms of my hands and lower legs. Although I will admit that because of the way I was sitting on the embankment, when it came to standing for the national anthems, I had really bad pain in the groin area and was finding it hard to put weight on my right leg. Thankfully, that cleared up though.

Happy 2019 to you all!

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