100 babies…am I nuts?

At night, when I’m trying to sleep, I’ll have the YouTube app open on my phone. More often than not, I’m watching Sims 4 videos but lately, I’ve been watching episodes of Unsolved Mysteries.

Anyway, I started watching a 100-baby challenge series on YouTube which gave me the idea to start my own. I printed off the rules at university and when I got home, I set about making my matriarch, Jennifer.

I went for Jennifer as her first name because that was what I was *this* close to being named, apparently. Her surname is/was my surname spelt backwards. I say is/was at the moment because she has since passed away. Unfortunately, I didn’t take down her aspiration or her traits but I did keep a list of her children! Partly because I don’t want to double up on names in future generations!

Jennifer had 14 children – six sons, eight daughters. Two sets of twins, zero sets of triplets. Her children in age order were: Eliana, Catalina, Victoria, Josef, Nico, Carter, Stephanie, Cecilia, Brynlee, Declan, Alexis, Octavio, Nicholas and Imani. Because Imani is the youngest daughter, she will be the next matriarch when she becomes a young adult. She’s not that far off because she is currently a high school B student and she needs to be an A student before she can age up.

I use Siri to help me give traits and aspirations to the Sims, as required. Because I don’t have all the EPs, GPs and SPs installed, the number of traits and aspirations available do differ for me. I just ask Siri to give me a number between 1 and whatever, lol. I actually want to take advantage of the freelance career that came in the new patch that was released this past week but I need for Imani to improve skills and such first, lol.

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