My debt

My total debt excluding my Student Loan. All amounts are rounded down to the nearest dollar, are current and updated weekly. The “goal” amount is the limit for the credit cards and overdraft. The “current” amount is the amount that I’ve actually paid off. As you can see, I’ve paid off two credit cards (yay me!) and I haven’t yet changed the amounts for the “All Blacks” Mastercard and the American Express because they were stupid enough to let me go over my credit limit (Amex let me go nearly $1,000 over) and I have been slowly working on getting the money owed closer to their respective limits. I say “All Blacks” Mastercard because the card I initially applied for was said card then the bank that issued it decided to no longer issue it so when the card I had was due to expire, they moved me to their “Classic” Mastercard, which I promptly cut up and will be giving back to them when I go in to make the final payment and close the account.

Credit card 1 - Visa
2,000/2,000 dollars
Credit card 2 - Mastercard
2,000/2,000 dollars
Credit card 3 - All Blacks Mastercard
0/1,500 dollars
Credit card 4 - American Express
0/2,000 dollars
0/2,000 dollars

Percentage of my debt paid off:
Visa: 100%
Mastercard: 100%
All Blacks Mastercard: 0%
American Express: 0%
Overdraft: 0%

Last updated on 12/05/17 (DD/MM/YY).

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