My debt

My total debt excluding my Student Loan. All amounts are rounded down to the nearest dollar, are current and updated weekly. The “goal” amount is the limit for the credit cards and overdraft. The “current” amount is the amount that I’ve actually paid off. The plan is that when the first credit card (Visa) is paid off, the money that would be going on that will go on the credit card with the least owing on it (Mastercard). Once that one is paid off, that money will go on the other credit card (All Blacks Mastercard). Maybe then, I’ll start on the overdraft!

[progpress title=”Credit card 1 – Visa” goal=”2000″ current=”2000″ label=”dollars”]

[progpress title=”Credit card 2 – Mastercard” goal=”2000″ current=”2000″ label=”dollars”]

[progpress title=”Credit card 3 – All Blacks Mastercard” goal=”1500″ current=”0″ label=”dollars”]

[progpress title=”Credit card 4 – American Express” goal=”2000″ current=”0″ label=”dollars”]

[progpress title=”Overdraft” goal=”2000″ current=”0″ label=”dollars”]

Percentage of my debt paid off:
Visa: 100%
Mastercard: 100%
All Blacks Mastercard: 0%
Overdraft: 0%

Last updated on 18/10/15 (DD/MM/YY).