The domain is not my first domain but it is the domain that I’ve had the longest. It was registered on 24 September 2003 through Discount Domains but now, renewals for it take place through When it was first registered, I didn’t have a debit card (no banks in New Zealand had them at the time) so I went with a registrar based in New Zealand that would accept payment via internet banking. This also applied to the domain’s two previous hosts.

I decided to change the registrar to GoDaddy because of the privacy thing – view and you don’t see my name, address or phone number. As far as I’m concerned, it’s worth paying the extra to have my details protected.

The domain is currently hosted with Surpass Hosting and I’ve had no problems since I moved it over in around May 2008. Problems with the previous host – and their not so helpful support staff – led me to move. I get a lot more space and bandwidth for less – around NZ$10 a month is what I pay, compared to NZ$25 a month.

The meaning of the domain name is New Zealander. I had decided that I wanted to get a domain and had narrowed the choices down to neo-zelandaise or neo-zelandese. When it came to the TLD, I wrote them all down, said the names in my head and elected to go with .net because, to me, it sounded better with .net rather than .com or .org.

I’m planning on keeping the domain for as long as I can.

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