Lockdown, Day 1

Yesterday was the first full day of a lockdown in New Zealand that is currently scheduled to last four weeks. It could be extended but we don’t know as yet.

And I’m already bored!

I will still have to study during this time but it’s finding the motivation to do anything. I’m still in my pyjamas. My hair is a mess. My cat is on my bed sleeping – and yes, I’m very tempted to get back into bed and sleep! I can only watch so much on Netflix or Youtube before I get tired of it. I could be on Education Perfect for my Japanese for hours but I’ll get tired of it.

But I have to accept that, for at least the next four weeks, this is our reality. Where I live is my world – my “bubble” as our Prime Minister put it. I can only go to the supermarket for essentials and I can’t even do that because of my lack on money. But I can go for a walk, as long as it’s local. And I have a feeling that I will end up losing weight because of this too…

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