Look at this! Another blog entry!

At least it’s not six months after the last one, haha!

Life in lockdown…the days are starting to blend into each other and I’m losing track of what day of the week it is. Maybe that’s because I’m also on holiday from university at the moment – we were meant to be on holiday as of this Friday – and I’ve barely looked at anything uni related, apart from my Japanese because I really need help with it.

My weekly living costs – that I get as a part of the Student Loan – will go up by $3 next week and by $1 the following week. This usually happens around the start of the new tax year – that living costs payments, student allowances and benefits go up by a certain percentage that was related to the CPI. But us students don’t get the extra $25 a week that beneficiaries get on top of the annual increase and we also don’t get the Winter Energy payment either. Right now, I’d be about $11 a week better off by NOT studying and that is excluding an accommodation supplement which I probably would also get. It does have me thinking about continuing to study but then I remind myself of the times where I wasn’t studying and didn’t have a job.

Oh well.

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